Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh we forgot... iPad does not support Flash

Got iPad No Flash

Today, our female colleagues wish to take a look at the iPad which created such a big hoo-haa. And this is what happen when you pass an iPad to a non-IT lady...

First question was "Wah... so many fingerprints! But don't have such a big screen protector right?"

Upon knowing that it is on WIFI, one of them clicked on Safari with great excitement. But her excitement didn't last too long because she surfed to Facebook and after a few clicks, encountered the No-Flash error.

"Like that cannot play my Pet Society lor? Oh... then also cannot harvest my crops leh!"

If Apple is keen on taking in this group of customers, they better build in Flash support on release 2...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

iPad out of the box

Cloudywind Flickr page on iPad

The iPad created a huge commotion in the office when it is finally here! All in the team fought to hold it, touch it and sweep their fingers on it, those from the nearby departments tried to take a glimpse of it, and the IT guys even offered to exchange their 32" Samsung LCD TV with it!

So what did we do with it now that it is in our hands? Firstly and most importantly, the must-do type-anything-on-the-keyboard test! Ok, proved can put on table and type comfortably on it... Next! We managed to get the IT guys to key in the wireless router password to go online! But our LAN is kinda slow though... Next! Watched a HD video on Youtube, and the color and resolution is indeed fantastic! The speakers abit soft though, but hey, that's why we've got portable speakers! Next! My favourite - photos viewing!

But for some reasons, the iPad's bluetooth refuses to detect any nearby bluetooth devices so we couldn't transfer any photo over, so we ended up looking at Flickr... but still, nice colors and resolution again! Someone suggested it can be used as a fine digi photoframe, but... abit too expensive right?

My manager suggested that the iPad will be great for reading on bed, which is really true. After all, it's so precious and not very light, so I can't imagine holding it with one hand and viewing it while standing in an overcrowded MRT train...

Now we just need to get hold of some games on the iPad...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bread for Lunch - Corn bread with Teriyaki mackerel

Corn bread with Teriyaki mackerel

I've been having tuna too often too much and when I saw Teriyaki mackerel, I decided to give it a try. Just in case it tastes too fishy, instead of the regular wholemeal breads, I bought the sweeter and more fragrant corn bread to go with the fish.

The corn bread from Gardenia is white bread, but at just 141kcal for 3 slices, it can be considered as low cal food. And together with the low cal mackerel, the meal will be pretty calories friendly.

Surprisingly, the combination was fantastic! The sweetness and fragrant of the corn bread totally went well with the slight saltiness of the Teriyaki mackerel! I'm sure going to try out corn bread with sardine next and see if it can overcome its fishiness as well!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bread for Lunch - Healthy version of Elvis' favourite

Banana peanut butter sandwich

Do you know what is Elvis Presley's favourite sandwich? Toasted bread slices with peanut butter, sliced banana, and fried bacon. Honey is sometimes included. And the sandwich is frequently cooked in a pan or on a griddle. Now you know why he ended up looking more like Garfield before he died.

Today I've come out with a healthier version of Elvis' favourite. Swap the toasted white bread with 3 slices of Softmeal bread from Sunshine that'll cost you just 210kcal, and the fried bacons with chicken ham. The banana and peanut butter can remain though. And there you are! A much healthier version and tastes not so bad as well!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bread for Lunch - Turkey breast and cheese

Turkey breast and cheese with banana

Turkey breast and cheese in multi-grain bread, with a banana as side!

All of us know that turkey breast is good for you, better than those pork ham anytime! But do you know that you can't get turkey breast in NTUC or Giant? Perhaps because of the high price of these imported turkey breast (erm... you know we don't rear turkey here in Singapore right?), as just two big slices will cost you more than 4 dollars!

The Multi-Grain bread from Gardenia gives you 237kcal in 3 slices, which you can easily burn away with a 30mins jog. What I really like about it is the abundant of seeds (I guess flex seeds?) and grains in it.