Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bread for Lunch - Baked beans will always go well with bread!

Baked beans and BBQ cheese on corn bread

The British loves to have their toast with baked beans and a sunny side up. And baked beans is not only nutriitious, but very economical in UK. While we were studying there, one normal can of baked beans costed less than S$1! And their beans look really cute as well, about just half the size of our Singapore beans! But the taste is still the same of course! The canned tomato paste taste!

Today's lunch is gonna be baked beans and smoked BBQ cheese (yah, I know it's the same cheese again, but I have to finish the pack of 12 yeh...) on corn bread. The sweetness of the corn bread, plus the distinctive tomato taste of the baked beans, add that to the fullness of the salty smoked BBQ cheese, marvelous!

Though baked beans is not part of our usual breakfast in Singapore (as compared to the popular zui kway and fried bee hoon etc), we do have quite a range of selection of these beans. There is the normal one, the spicy one (hey, anything and everything has the spicy version here!), the cheese one, the vegetarian one etc. Of course the health and weight conscious me will get the low fat one!

As for the high fiber one, that is one can of beans that I don't get it. One portion of normal baked beans is already containing about 6g of fiber, which is like a quarter of our recommended daily intake. You just have to add in a couple of fruits and vege to make it 100%. So unless you really hate fruits and vegetables, you really don't have to rely on your high fiber baked beans to get your fiber of the day!

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