Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bread for Lunch - Mushroom luncheon with BBQ cheese with Japanese rice seasoning!

Mushroom luncheon and BBQ cheese in corn sandwich

Again, I've bought a hundred grams of practically tasteless mushroom luncheon. So I guess these mushroom and carrot luncheons are just colorful luncheons that taste... tasteless? And so I opened the fridge door and looked around for help. Caught this packet of Japanese rice seasoning sitting quietly at a corner and decided to give it a try. Hey, if these seasoning can give tasteless white rice great Japanese flavor, why not to colorful tasteless luncheons?

So here we go... corn bread plus mushroom luncheon, plus smoked BBQ cheese, plus salmon rice seasoning, and one bite! And that was one rich bite! The salmon, seaweed and sesame taste from the rice seasoning merged so well with the sweetness of the corn bread and smoked taste of the cheese that it actually leveled up the whole sandwich! My cheap local sandwich has become an ATAS Japanese sandwich! Cool!

Friends, you must really try this! Next time you eat your sandwich, add in some Japanese rice seasoning! Oh... where to get them? Hey, you can get them at just 2 dollars at Daiso!

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