Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bread for Lunch - No Mom, the NTUC aunty didn't bully me

Shaved ham on my ham and cheese sandwich

After eating all the different kinds of tasteless chicken luncheon, I really need some meat that has the taste of... meat! So I went to NTUC to get myself some honey baked ham. However instead of the "normal" version, I got the shaved version. Shaved ham is also honey baked ham, cut from the same chunk of meat, the only difference is that it is sliced very thin. So thin that you'll need to stack a few pieces together in the sandwich, so thin that my mom thought that the NTUC aunty was being unfair to me...

MOM: Cloudy, did you get the ham from that aunty that we usually get our ham from?

(Oh yes, even in the NTUC, my mom knows who sells what at every single counter, from fishes to vegetables to, oh yes, ham! Talk about Aunty PR Power!)

CW: Nope, another aunty packed that for me!
MOM: Ah! See! She bullied you!
CW: What?!?
MOM: Did you see what you've bought? She has packed for you bits and pieces of leftovers! They're all thin and broken!

Oh well... and so I carefully explained to my mom how shaved ham is supposed to be thinly sliced and that I was not being "bullied". But she was still skeptical until the point when I mentioned that shaved ham is very common in the ATAS ColdStorage, and when she felt that since the Ang Mors like it that way, it should be normal!

Anyway, go pack some shaved ham into some slices of multi-grain bread, add a piece of low-fat cheese, spread some butter (thinly please!) and shower some black pepper, and you've got yourselves a delicious sandwich! Try it!

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